Promoting Positive Behaviour

We have a duty to provide each pupil with the best possible education suited to their needs and abilities. Teachers have the right to expect and insist upon reasonable standards of behaviour from each pupil so that they can provide the secure and friendly environment which is conducive to learning. The school has a policy based on the principles of promoting positive behaviour. Expectations of staff, pupils and parents are detailed. We advocate respect towards each other at all times, respect for school property, that is, the building itself and the materials used within the building. The class teacher will deal appropriately with minor discipline problems in accordance with School Policy, but if a child’s behaviour causes repeated disruption within the class then the Principal Teacher/ Head Teacher will become involved. If the problem continues, the parents will be invited to school to discuss the problem. It is vital that children see that home and school work together and we would hope that parents would support the school in any consequence given. If there is no improvement in the child’s behaviour, then the help of outside agencies will be requested. A copy of the discipline policy will be given to parents at the time your child joins the school. Bullying relies on secrecy to flourish. We ask that you let us know immediately of any concerns you or your child have so that the school can work with you to resolve the problem. The School follows Scottish Borders Council Respectful Relationships Policy – further information on this can be found at