Welcome letter


Dear Parents & Carers,

On behalf of Stow Primary School Parent Council I would like to welcome all new & returning families to our school for 2020/2021.

Our Parent Council aims to promote a partnership between the School, its pupils and all our parents. As a parent of Stow Primary School you are automatically a member of the school’s parent forum and as such, are welcome to attend our Parent Council meetings at any time.

These meetings are held termly, with the minutes being emailed out to the parent forum and filed for reference on our closed Stow Parent Council Facebook page. Our meetings are widely advertised, communicated via Facebook/homeroom and group call, allowing plenty of time to schedule.

You will also find that I have attached to this email a copy of our updated “What a parent council does” to help support your understanding of the Parent Council operations.

In summary Stow Parent Councils main objectives are;

  • Promote contact and communication between the school, parents, the community, nursery and other providers.
  • Positively promote the school to the wider parent forum and community.
  • Represent the views of parents.
  • Support the school in its work with pupils and parents.
  • Report to the Parent Forum.
  • Our current activities are facilitated through sub-groups and supported by our parent reps, this includes but not limited to;
  • Running Fundraising events.
  • Developing a sense of togetherness & communication
  • Promoting our safe routes to school
  • Development of outdoor learning space
  • Communication & website development


A copy of our Stow Parent Council Constitution August 2020 can be found on our closed Facebook page @Stow Parent Council, along with other PC files.

Any parent wishing to find out more about our parent council please contact our chair Marion Healey-Smith, at healey.marion@googlemail.com or via mobile 07749091112.

Best Regards,

Stow Parent Council

Parent Council

As Stow Parent Council we hold regular meetings. Our meeting times are advertised through our school newsletter and on the Parent Council Facebook page. Everyone is very welcome to attend – you don’t have to be a member of the Parent Council to come along. These meetings are very informal and friendly. Anyone can raise an issue for the Parent Council. Please contact one of the following members if you would like to discuss any aspect. We are always looking for new ways to communicate with parents – please send us your good ideas!

Our role as a Parent Council is to:

  • Act as a voice for all the families of Stow Parent Council
  • Work in partnership with the school and community to give our children the best possible education.
  • Organise social and fundraising events.

Stow Parent Council Positions



Position               Name

Chair                     Marion Healey-Smith

Vice Chair             Hugh Wells

Secretary             Jo McBeath

Treasurer             Julie Wood

ELCC                     Samantha Mackrill

P1 rep                  Eleanor Dearden/Danni Johnston

P2 rep                  Hugh Wells

P3 rep                  Lindsay Easter/Kat Custard

P4 rep                  Fiona Hodgson

P5 rep                  Wendy Ross

P6 rep                  Claire Hendry

P7 rep                  Susan Mann/Jen Johnson/Eleanor Dearden


Sub groups

(*= subgroup point of contact for liaising with other groups/PC chair/PC committee/school staff)



Fundraising                  Julie Wood, Sammie Miller, Susan Mann, Debbie Matthewson, Lindsay Easter,

Jo McBeath, Eleanor Dearden, Marion Healey-Smith, Claire Hendry, Lou Steele, Kat Custard, Vicky Stirling


Outdoor Learning                     Jo McBeath*, Victoria Mack, Debbie Matthewson, Kat Custard, Tracey Stewart


Communication            Susan Anderson*, Hugh Wells*, Victoria Mack, Chris Macvie (Website), Marion Healey-Smith, Tracey Stewart

Safe Routes to school   Jo McBeath, Kat Custard, Eleanor Dearden*, Wendy Ross



Head Teacher- Susan Anderson
Principal Teacher- Debbie Matthewson
School Teacher- Christine Jones

Contact– Marion Healey Smith – healey.marion@googlemail.com

By law schools have a duty to promote parents’ involvement in children’s education. We are very keen that parents feel able to be involved in their child’s education and learning, that they are active participants in the life of the school and they feel able to express their views on school education generally. Every parent who has a child at our school is a member of the Parent Forum. The parent council is a group of parents who have chosen to represent the parent forum.

As a member of the Parent Forum, each parent can expect to:-

  • Receive information about the school and its activities
  • Hear about what partnership with parents means in our school
  • Be invited to be involved in ways and times that suit you
  • Identify issues you want the parent council to work on with the school
  • Be asked your opinion by the parent council on issues relating to the school and education it provides
  • Work in partnership with staff
  • Enjoy taking part in school life in whatever way possible

The type of things the parent council may get involved in include:

  • Supporting the work of the school
  • Gathering and representing parents’ views to the Headteacher, Scottish Borders Council and Education Scotland
  • Promoting contact between the school, parents, pupils and the local community
  • Fundraising and organising events
  • Reporting to the parent forum
  • Being involved in the appointment of senior promoted staff.