Parents are encouraged to visit the school and participate in activities. Any parent who would like to help in the school should contact the Head Teacher. Information is sent home, keeping parents informed of school events and activities as appropriate. The eldest child in the family will be entrusted with the task of “postman”, but we would suggest checking children’s schoolbags regularly for letters!

Parent Council

As Stow Parent Council we hold regular meetings. Our meeting times are advertised through our school newsletter and on the Parent Council Facebook page. Everyone is very welcome to attend – you don’t have to be a member of the Parent Council to come along. These meetings are very informal and friendly. Anyone can raise an issue for the Parent Council. Please contact one of the following members if you would like to discuss any aspect. We are always looking for new ways to communicate with parents – please send us your good ideas!

Our role as a Parent Council is to:

  • Act as a voice for all the families of Stow Parent Council
  • Work in partnership with the school and community to give our children the best possible education.
  • Organise social and fundraising events.

Committee Members

Co Chairs– Marion Healey Smith & Victoria Mack
Secretary– Joanne McBeath
Treasurer– Julie Wood
ELCC Rep– Eleanor Dearden
P1 Rep– Hugh Wells
P2 Rep– Lindsay Easter
P3 Rep– Jen Johnson / Danna Gowans
P4 Rep– Wendy Ross
P5 Rep– Claire Hendry
P6 Rep– Susan Mann
P7 Rep– Jo McBeath / Danni Johnston

Head Teacher– Kerry Collins
Principal Teacher– Debbie Matthewson
School Teacher– Christine Jones

Contact– Victoria Mack –

or Marion Healey Smith –

By law schools have a duty to promote parents’ involvement in children’s education. We are very keen that parents feel able to be involved in their child’s education and learning, that they are active participants in the life of the school and they feel able to express their views on school education generally. Every parent who has a child at our school is a member of the Parent Forum. The parent council is a group of parents who have chosen to represent the parent forum.

As a member of the Parent Forum, each parent can expect to:-

  • Receive information about the school and its activities
  • Hear about what partnership with parents means in our school
  • Be invited to be involved in ways and times that suit you
  • Identify issues you want the parent council to work on with the school
  • Be asked your opinion by the parent council on issues relating to the school and education it provides
  • Work in partnership with staff
  • Enjoy taking part in school life in whatever way possible

The type of things the parent council may get involved in include:

  • Supporting the work of the school
  • Gathering and representing parents’ views to the Headteacher, Scottish Borders Council and Education Scotland
  • Promoting contact between the school, parents, pupils and the local community
  • Fundraising and organising events
  • Reporting to the parent forum
  • Being involved in the appointment of senior promoted staff.