We realise that change and transition can be an anxious time for some children so we have in place arrangements to make this as smooth as possible. Where any child requires additional visits to Primary 1 or Secondary 1 this will be arranged.

ELCC-Primary 1
Children attending Stow ELCC are regular visitors to events in school. During term 3 the children are invited into the Primary 1 classroom on a regular basis where they can become accustomed to the environment and the staff. There are a number of more formal visits where children joining from another setting are invited to attend. Parents are also invited to attend information sessions and to see the children in the Primary 1 environment.

Primary 7-Secondary 1
During the Primary 7 year, pupils have a series of visits to Galashiels Academy where they mix with pupils from other feeder primary schools to enjoy experiences in Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing. They also attend the Remembrance Day assembly and sporting events. Pupils have a 2 day visit in June where they follow their timetable. Galashiels Academy staff gather a range of information on each pupil to ensure that they are appropriately supported emotionally and academically.