Registered Scottish Charity: SCO43975
mobile: 07944 617310


Who to contact

The regular staff members are:-
Club Manager: Andrea Carlino
Play workers: Janice Currie

Please contact club staff during opening hours, or out with these should you require essential and immediate information or wish to make a last minute booking, on: –
Mob: – 07944 617310
Email: –

Management Committee

Jemma Macvie (Chairperson)
Helen Wilson (Secretary)
Claire Hendry (Treasurer)


The club will be based within the premises of Stow Primary School.
Parental permission will be requested for any activity out with the school.

Opening Hours

• Monday to Thursday: – 3.15pm – 6.15pm

We are closed school holidays and in-service days although if there is sufficient need for the club holiday cover can be organised.


Places can be booked on a regular or casual basis according to need.
Booking and registration forms can be obtained from club staff. If the club is busy, then priority will be given to members.

Running of the Club

The club is a non-profit making registered Charity run by a voluntary management committee of parents who have, children at Stow Primary
School. Two members of staff, a Club Manager and a Play worker, take care of the day-to-day running of the club. The Kids Club is inspected
annually by the Care Inspectorate.


Staff follows ratios of 1:10 basis. There will always be 2 members of staff present. All staff members are suitably qualified and experienced and
subject to the rigorous and careful recruitment process required by the Care Inspectorate and the law.

What you can expect from the Club
  • A warm, clean and safe environment in which to relax and play.
  • A varied and stimulating programme of activities, planned but flexible at all times, to include games, arts and crafts, baking, sports,
    entertainment, reading, gardening, music, drama and even the opportunity, if desired, to do homework.
  • This programme will always be responsive to the interests of each child, and individual ideas taken into consideration whenever practical.
  • A friendly atmosphere based on mutual respect between both children and adults.
  • Contrasting areas where children can choose to play, or be quiet or noisy.
  • The provision of a light snack unless otherwise requested by parents.
  • The promotion of positive and discouragement of negative behavior with no recourse to physical punishment in any situation.


What the Club will expect of the children
  • That they behave in a thoughtful, courteous and socially acceptable manner both towards staff and other children.
  • That they are aware of the consequences of persistent negative behavior. Those parents will be notified in order that a strategy for dealing with the problem can be agreed upon.
  • That repetition or continuation of the negative behavior, because of its detrimental effect on the club and its activities as a whole, may result in exclusion.
  • That they are aware in advance of their attendance at the club on each day in question, so that any confusion at the end of school – class time is avoided. Club staff, issues a list of regular attendees to each class-teacher to ease this process also, and will of course deal with any last-minute booking arising through unforeseen circumstances.
  • Last, but certainly not least that they feel happy and secure, and have lots of fun.
Aims and Policies of the Club

Stow Kids’ Club was set up by a Management Committee of parents, giving their time on a voluntary basis, to provide a safe and secure play
environment for those children of primary school age whose parents require affordable quality childcare out with school hours. Both children of Stow Primary and outwith the school are welcome.

This booklet explains our basic working practices: a set of more detailed policies and procedures is available on request.

Care Inspectorate contact details:

Telephone: 0345 600 9527
Email: Compass House , 11 Riverside Drive, Dundee DD14NY

The staff will endeavour to accommodate your particular requirements whenever possible. Stow Kids Club is here for the benefit of the parents of Stow. We hope you will find us a useful and enjoyable facility for your family.


Member Rate – term time
Registration Fee (due annually) – £15.00 per family
Monday to Thursday sessions – £8.50 per child, £17.00 for two children, £23.00 for three children in the same family attending.

To qualify for member rates you must commit to using Stow Kids Club at least 2 sessions per term.

Non-member rate – term time
Monday to Thursday session – £12.00 per child, £24.00 for two children, £36.00 for three children in the same family attending.

Holiday Care
These costs are currently under review.

Payment Methods

For members – the Club Treasurer will issue invoices at the end of the month and these will be e-mailed to the contact e-mail address given on the child/children’s registration form/s.

For non members – the Club Treasurer will issue an invoice just after the session (or just after the last session if more than one in a month).

Payment will be expected within 1 month of the invoices being issued.
Payment is expected via cheque, bank transfer direct into the Club Bank Account or childcare vouchers. Cash payments will not be accepted.
Our Bank of Scotland Account details are: Account Name: Stow Kids Club; Account Number: 00373166; Sort Code: 80-06-88

Please quote your Child(ren)s name on all payments made.

Health Care

To ensure the well-being of each child while at the club, parents/guardians will be asked to provide details of any relevant medical condition. If your child needs to take prescribed medication while attending the club, or has particular medical needs, please ask for a prescribed medication form from club staff. Should a child become ill or suffer an injury requiring professional medical advice or treatment while attending the club, the following action will be taken:-

1. Parents/guardians will be contacted.
2. If parents/guardians are unavailable, the child’s GP, or hospital will be contacted.
3. In cases of emergency, an ambulance and doctor will be called, and parents/guardians contacted as soon as possible.


Club staff will ensure that all information supplied to them regarding children attending the club remains confidential.

Registration and Booking

Family membership, booking and registration forms can be obtained from club staff. Places for children may be booked on a regular or casual basis according to need, always remembering that priority will be given to those children requiring the greatest number of hours on the most regular basis.

Collecting children

If someone other than the regular person, or other responsible adult detailed on your child’s registration form is to collect your child club staff
must be notified via telephone or text to the Club Mobile Number prior to collection.
If you are happy for your child (P4 and upwards) to walk home on their own you must complete our ‘Walking Home Permission Form’. However, from October holidays to February mid-term children must be collected by an adult due to the dark nights for their own safety.


Should you wish to cancel a booking for the club; fees will not be charged providing 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation is given to club staff.
Cancellation on the day will be charged at full fees and viewed as nonattendance.
Please note that the cancellation policy is currently under review and may change.


Please feel at liberty, in the first instance, to discuss any problem with club staff: hopefully this will lead to its being resolved satisfactorily on the spot. If this is not possible for you, however, please contact a committee member.
Please see the parent/care notice board for guidance on how to make a complaint to the Care Inspectorate should you feel any issue has not been resolved. Contact details for the Care Inspectorate can be found above.

Please contact Stow Kids Club staff during opening hours, or out with these should you require essential and immediate information or wish to make a last minute booking, on: –
Mob: – 07944 617310
Email: –