Enrolment for Primary 1 and ELCC takes place in November. Further information and enrolment forms are available from the School Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents living outwith the Stow School catchment area should contact the Head Teacher if they wish their child to attend this school to make a placement request. This will then be forwarded to Education and Lifelong Learning for a decision. An admission form should also be completed for the catchment school.

Arriving & departing

The Playground Supervisor is on duty at the school from 08.30am. Parents should ensure that pupils do not arrive before this time.
Please inform the school if it is necessary to change your arrangements to collect your child.

Nursery Children

• All nursery children should be dropped off/picked up by their parent/carer at the nursery entrance.

Primary 1-7: Before School

• Children will enter the school grounds by the path (Health Centre side of the school). When the bell rings all children will line up in class groups at cloakroom doors on railway side of the building.

Primary 1: After School

• The P1 teachers will bring P1 pupils to the nursery fence at the front of the school and remain with them until they are collected by an adult.

Primary 2-7: After School

• Children will exit the school by the path. Parents waiting to collect children should wait on the path.

Children Arriving/Collected Late

• We understand that there are occasions where children may arrive late for school. Any pupil arriving late should enter the school through the main entrance.

• If any parent is delayed at the end of the day their child/children will be asked to wait in the main school entrance where parents can collect them.


• In the interests of security for all of the children only pupils are permitted to enter the school through the pupil entrances.

All parents/visitors should enter the school through the main entrance.

After School Club

After School Club is open to all nursery and school children aged 4 and above from 3.15 – 6.15pm Monday to Thursday. Costs available on request.

Contact the manager Andrea at stowkidsclub@hotmail.com