Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is bringing learning to life in the way education is delivered for all 3-18 year olds – in ELCC, primary, secondary, at college, workplace or community learning. It takes a fresh approach to what, how and where young people learn. It aims to raise standards, improve knowledge and develop skills, closing the gap between the lowest and highest performers. Ultimately it aims to nurture young people as successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

At Stow Primary School we aim to:
• Establish a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment where everyone is respected and valued.
• Ensure that pupils are active participants in their own learning and can confidently identify their strengths and what they need to do to improve.
• Use a variety of informed, differentiated teaching approaches which take account of prior learning and are matched closely to individual needs.
• Develop learner’s curiosity, creativity and ability to think critically through well planned tasks which involve solving problems, working collaboratively and independently.
• Enable pupils to understand the purpose of their learning, make connections and apply their skills and knowledge to real life situations.
• Provide opportunities for children to develop confidence and resilience through personal success and achievement in our wider learning environment.
• Reflect upon and share our good practice to ensure inspiring learning and teaching continues to thrive.