Child Protection

All children have the right to be protected from harm, abuse and neglect. Every adult in Scotland has a role in ensuring all our children and young people live safely and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. The vision for all children and young people in the Scottish Borders is that they should be: safe, nurtured, healthy, achieving, active, respected, responsible and included. Schools and front-line education and child care services will play an important role in ensuring all children and young people are safe and well. Further information is contained within the Child Protection Policy for Schools, Pre-School and Child Care Services which is available from the school and on the Scottish Borders Council website

Home School Link Worker Service

A Home Link Worker can meet with parents/carers, children or young people to offer advice or help with the sorts of things that can affect a child’s learning. These could be connected to a child or young person’s home or school life. The service aims to provide help and advice early and prevent something small from growing into a problem. A Headteacher can ask for this support on a parent’s/carer’s behalf.


In the interests of school security external doors are kept locked while pupils are in class. Parents requiring access to the school should press the entry button at the Main School Entrance or Nursery Entrance. All visitors must report to the office to sign in the visitors book and collect a visitors badge, which should be returned at the end of the visit.

Use of the Internet

As part of the process of learning we allow our children supervised access to the Internet and email. The authority runs its own filter system to ensure that young people are not at risk from exposure to inappropriate material. This filtering system is regularly being upgraded. We have a policy for use of the Internet and a contract for responsible use, which we ask parents and young people to sign up to.

Keeping our children and young people safe in the Scottish Borders

• Our settings in the Scottish Borders work hard to keep our children and young people safe – all children and young people have a right to feel safe within the setting, home and community.
• Within our setting we strive to provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our children and young people, which promote inclusion and achievement.
• All staff in Education have a statutory and professional responsibility to take action if we have reason to believe a child is suffering, or is at risk of abuse.
• Our Scottish Borders Child Protection procedures ( set out what we will do if we have reason to believe a child is being abused or is at risk of abuse, either within the home or the community. These procedures are designed to ensure that children and young people get the help they need
when they need it.
• All staff are aware of their child protection responsibilities and every year all staff in our setting attend a child protection update.
• Many of our staff undertake additional multi-agency child protection training.
• Every setting has a Child Protection co-ordinator who has the responsibility for overseeing child protection concerns as well as those young people who are care experienced within the setting.
• The Child Protection co-ordinators for the setting are: Kerry Collins and Debbie Matthewson


What to do if you have a child protection concern?
It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect children. If you have any concerns that a child is being harmed or is at risk of harm, please call without delay
• 01896 662787 (Duty Children and Families Social Work Team) • 01896 752111 (Out of office hours that covers all areas)

Emergency contact
If you consider a child or young person is in immediate danger, call the Police on 999 immediately

Need more information about keeping our children and young people safe?
This link takes you to the Scottish Borders Child Protection Committee online website where you can find some suggested
links to websites to better inform you about safety issues such as Internet safety and Child Sexual Exploitation as well as letting you know about opportunities for training in Child Protection. You can also find the Scottish Borders Child Protection Procedures on this website.