Good attendance is vital to the success of our young people’s education. Statistical evidence suggests that there are links between attendance levels and pupils’ attainment. Society in general, and parents and schools in particular, have central roles to play in encouraging positive attitudes to education in young people.

Absence or Other Change in Circumstance

If your child is absent or there is any change in your personal circumstances (e.g. change of address) please inform the Primary School Administrator. It is important to let us know why a child is absent so that school records can be kept up to date. Children arriving late are recorded as such. A phone call or Group call message will be sent to parents if a child does not arrive in school and there is no explanation.

Holiday Absences

When a child is to be absent from school a letter should be sent to the Head Teacher to explain the reason for absence. It is also acceptable for a parent to telephone the school to say why the child is absent. Only in exceptional circumstances where it is “important to the well-being and cohesion of the family following serious or terminal illness, bereavement or other traumatic events” or where a parent’s employment is of the nature where school holiday-leave cannot be accommodated (for example emergency or armed services) may holidays in term time be authorised. Family holidays where the school does not agree that there is a satisfactory reason for absence will be classified as unauthorised. The school will generally not provide work in advance of teaching, children will be required to catch up on work missed (where appropriate) on their return to school.

The Scottish Office has informed schools that any unexplained absence should be treated as an unauthorised absence that is truancy.