Over the course of the time that your child is at nursery, staff will observe him/her as they play. These observations help staff to build up a picture of each child and inform their planning. Staff follow children’s interest when planning activities and children regularly contribute to planning. Festivals and cultural celebration are also acknowledged during the year and each child’s birthday is celebrated as well. (Please do not send in birthday cake).


Staff working across the Early Level of Curriculum for Excellence work together bringing the nursery children and Primary 1 children together throughout the year for activities and to share learning together.

Staff will keep you informed about when these joint working sessions are taking place.


All children have individual Learning Journeys where children are encouraged to add examples of their learning as well as staff regularly add pieces of work, photographs and observations. Children’s comments will also be recorded here and parents and carers are encouraged to contribute too.


Parents and carers are welcome to join us in the nursery at any time. There are all sorts of ways to help: reading stories, accompanying us on outings, playing musical instruments, helping in the garden, helping with displays. Parents often like to come along just to see their child at play. Look out for themed stay and play sessions throughout the year.

Our storysack library is a fantastic resource of books and themed activities which can go home on a weekly basis. In order for this to work effectively we need parents/carers to help with the checking and reissuing of the sacks.